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Cars Ford learned to "see around corners"

“The development of the system helps the driver while driving "blind" crossroads”, - Ford announced a few years ago. But this summer the first invention will be asked for the serial machines. As described in the Ford of Europe, a device called a Front Split View Camera (combined front camera) will be available to buyers of the updated Ford S-Max and Galaxy in the European markets.


Camera with 33 mm lens is mounted in the front grille of a vehicle and equipped with a special pull-out "janitor", which works in the same mode with the main wiper. It is activated by pressing a button in the cabin and displays the on-board computer 180-degree panorama of the space ahead. The system of recognition moving objects may further alert the driver if the end-to-end road by moving the car or cyclist.


According to Ford, 19% of all accidents at crossroads of Europe in 2014 were due to the fact that drivers could not see what was happening. The company believes that the use of wide-angle cameras will greatly improve this number.

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