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Ford was able to capitalize on the care of Opel and Chevrolet in Russia

Ford campaign to capture a niche General Motors in the Russian market brought the first fruits. “More than 800 brands of car owners leaving the Russian market and exchanging their cars at Ford”, - said the Russian company. The share of "foreign" customers is about 13% of sales of Ford, mainly loyal audience GM.


Ford gives you an additional discount of 50.000 rubbles for putting into trade-in used car of any brand, which terminated its activities in Russia. The program was launched on March 19, the day after the announcement of the departure of the Russian market and mass models Opel Chevrolet (both brands owned by GM). Besides scheme trade-in, Ford proposed GM customers service.


In January-May 2015 the Russian market of new cars declined by 37.7% to 642.000 cars. Other automakers still have not announced specific programs for customers GM.

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